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We’ve decided to re-vamp how we bring you Brisbane Property so stay tuned for Brisbane Property Information from Brisbane’s Best Property Agents in 2020…

Friday 27 March, 2020 – The Best in the Business shares their thoughts on what the property market is doing in Australia with COVID19. They share clear and concise points, backed up with data about what we’re looking at. –

Tuesday 24 March, 2020 – The Changes to Brisbane Real Estate

This info-graphic further explains why the authorities are asking for social distancing and how it will help Australia tackle COVID-19.
We are incorporating many new systems here at Team Couture utilising technology to keep our distance as much as possible whilst still helping our clients to sell their properties eg. Virtual Appraisals and Virtual Buyer Inspections as needed via video conferencing, online document signing and pre-registered-open-inspections, just to name a few. We are seeing greater then 80-90% of buyers still want and need to buy property in this market so we are here to help whilst incorporating all that’s asked to help Australia fight together. Stay positive and support local business where possible.

Wednesday March 18, 2020

Key takeaways from the Prime Ministers Coronavirus address this morning.

“We are going to keep Australia functioning. It won’t look like it normally does but it is very important that we continue to put in place measures that are scalable and sustainable. There is no two-week answer to what we’re confronting.”
“There is no short-term, quick fix to how this is dealt with in Australia. The idea that you can just turn everything off for two weeks and then turn it all back on again and it all goes away, that is not the evidence, that is not the facts, that is not the information and it is not our way through this.”
The other reason is economic. Mr Morrison says “whatever we do we have to do for at least six months” and that would mean severe disruption and the loss of “tens of thousands of jobs” or more. “We are going to keep Australia running.”
From our perspective: Most buyers are still in the marketplace and confident (80-90%). Buyers are still able to obtain finance and with the predicted rate cuts, they will probably be able to borrow more now than before. There will be slower turnaround in financing, maybe even settlements whilst we, as an industry, establish new best practice. If we continue to show a little patience and work together, the market will continue into positive territory.

No affects on the Brisbane Property Market from COVID-19 so far.